Benefit from Our Other Water Services

While our company is most notably known for having an exceptional reputation when it comes to water well drilling in both the residential and commercial sectors, that is not the full extent of services we offer. Residents of Northeast Wisconsin can also depend on Luisier Well Drilling for alternative water needs, such as hydrofracking, water softening and conditioner installation, licensed well inspections & water testing, abandonment of existing wells and sand points, application filing for high capacity wells and DNR variances, along with various other water services.  

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  • For wells that produce very little to no water at all, hydrofracking has provided an effective way to provide our customers with water. 

  • This process pumps water at a very high-pressure into the open weatherized zones and fractures in the rock to allow more water to flow into the well. The water is pumped until the pressure drops; which indicates to us that the openings in the rock have been cleared, allowing increased water flow.

  • We are so confident in this processes ability to provide sufficient quality water, that we guarantee 1000 gallons of water per day and if your hydrofracked well does not produce this, then the cost is on us! 

Water Conditioning

  • Do you get staining in your sinks, toilets or showers? Does your laundry always come out looking dingy? Does your water smell?

  • For a FREE water analysis, call our office or bring in a sample of your water. We will test it, come up with a plan of action, and provide you with a a free estimate based on your water quality results.

  • We offer the Water Right brand of water conditioning equipment to handle these problems. This is some of the best equipment in the industry for removing iron, hardness and other impurities that may be in your water.

  •  We also offer other types of filters, including cartridge and self regenerating filters in order to handle all your water quality issues. 

Well Inspections & Water Testing

  • When selling a home, often times it is necessary to have your well and water system inspected to make sure they are working properly and meet state code. Luisier Drilling has licensed professionals to inspect both your well and water system and provide you with a state approved report for your real estate transaction. 

  • We can also test your water for bacteria and harmful chemicals and if detected, we can come up with a plan to solve the problem. The professional laboratory, Analytichem LLC, Laboratory Service in Luxemburg Wisconsin, does all of our water testing. 

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